Day 879: Munro Bagging

Laetitia led a hiking tour to climb Ben Lomond, the Mountain in the Scottish Highlands that is mentioned in The Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond.  It is a Munro, that is, a mountain over three thousand feet in elevation.  Sir Hugh Munro, who surveyed them in 1891, named them after himself.  Mountain climbing enthusiasts who try to climb as many of the 282 Munros as they can are called “Munro baggers.”

Sir Hugh Munro ensured his fame
When he gave Scottish mountains his name
And those who complete
These climbs o’er 3 K feet
Are in the “Munro Baggers” game.

Day 878: Dahl’s Red Riding Hood Redux

Having dispatched the wolf who ate her granny with a pistol drawn from under her knickers in a previous episode of Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes, Little Red Riding Hood now has a reputation as a “go to” gal.  She receives a 911 call from the last of the Three Little Pigs whose brick house is about to be dynamited by a second menacing wolf.  She dispatches this wolf too but since she likes to “do well by doing good,” the tale ends with her now having two wolf fur coats and a pigskin briefcase.

When the third pig seeks help in its plight
Brick house soon blown by wolf’s dynamite
Roald Dahl’s Riding Hood
Does well by doing good;
Pigskin case and wolf fur coats delight.

Day 877: Adelie Adventuresses

Laetitia’s tours in Antarctica often include the harsh world of ice and rocks where Adelie Penguins live.  There fig-sized stones appropriate for nest building are hot commodities.  Unattached males often build nests of them hoping to attract a mate.  However, already attached females often embellish their own nests by engaging in extracurricular sex with bachelors for stones.

Adelie dames already mated
Often find lust for stones unabated
And embellish their nests
With sexual bequests
To bachelors who’ve nests created.

Day 876: Luseland

Back in Saskatchewan, Laetitia took a group to Luseland, another of Sophie’s, tongue-in-cheek, recommendations. It’s a town of 500-600 on the prairie with lots of small lakes so the focus of the tour was wildlife. They also toured its small museum and historic Holy Rosary Church. The limerick of the day was inspired by an overheard conversation between two teenagers from out of town who were at the museum.

Said teenager Bob, “‘Twould be grand
To live in a place like Luseland;”
Said friend Fred, “You’re obtuse”
“The girls here aren’t that loose;
Things wouldn’t turn out like you planned.”