Day 875: Where is Uren?

Laetitia decided to return to Saskatchewan.  Her cousin Sophie from Alberta suggested that the trip should include Chaplin Lake and Nature Center and as an afterthought said, “While you’re there, you ought to go to Uren.“  When Laetitia and her group went there they found only a “T” intersection of secondary roads.  A quick check on the Internet revealed that Uren is one of Saskatchewan’s ghost towns.  Later in a bar in Chaplin, Laetitia heard a story about a man from Arkansas who was in the area camping and was told by someone back home to go to Uren because a lot of pretty girls lived there.  When he asked directions from a teenager on a bicycle he got a sarcastic reply based on Uren’s current lack of waste disposal facilities.  It inspired the limerick of the day.

When an Arkansas man from Van Buren
In Saskatchewan asked, “Where is Uren?”
The boy said, “Here it’s found
Mostly on the ground
Where it isn’t especially endurin’.