Day 853: Silent Night

Laetitia received a request from Mind’s Eye headquarters asking her to take a group to the place of origin of the Christmas carol, Silent Night.  When she had a break from her Antarctic research duties, she did so.  In 1818, during a bleak winter in the small Austrian village of Oberndorf, parish priest, Josef Mohr, asked Franz Gruber, the church organist, to set to music a poem he had written two years before.  The two sang it, accompanied by guitar, at midnight mass on Christmas Eve of that year.  Later, a organ repairman took the carol home to the Tyrol with him.  A traveling Tyrolean folk singing group added the carol to its repertoire and initiated its spread around the world.  The parish church is gone; Laetitia took her group to the memorial chapel dedicated to Mohr and Gruber that stands in its place.

In Oberndorf, in days of yore
Franz Gruber and priest, Josef Mohr
Sang a song that went far
A duet with guitar
Silent Night that’s now known the world o’er.

Day 852: Richard III

Laetitia led a tour to Leicester, East Midlands, England, for group of Game of Thrones aficionados who wanted to learn more about the House of York, upon which Thrones’ House of Stark is loosely based.  Richard III, the last King of the York dynasty, was disinterred from a Leicester parking lot in 2012, identified from DNA evidence, and an exhibit created featuring the findings.  A public ballot offering a chance to attend the 2015 re-interment ceremony attracted thousands of applicants from all over the world and led to the day’s limerick.

From a parking lot dug, Richard’s bones
Soon were popular like Game of Thrones
And now there’s a ballot
For those with a palate
For liturgies gravely intoned.

Day 851: Dartmoor

Laetitia led a tour in Dartmoor National Park in Devon, England.  Inspired by Dartmoor scenery and legends when he visited there, Arthur Conan Doyle decided to resurrect Sherlock Holmes after an eight year hiatus in a new series of novels and stories the began with The Hound of the Baskervilles.  Doyle originally intended to end the Holmes’s stories with the detective’s apparent death at Reichenbach Falls.

On Dartmoor, foggy night winds abound
‘Twas there that Doyle conceived the hound
And the Baskerville curse
And that oft led to the hearse
And a book that made Holmes’ fame rebound.

Day 850: Stealthy Selfie

Laetitia’s duties at the Antarctic research station didn’t allow time for a tour but a controversy revolving around selfies taken by a female Celebes crested macaque caught her attention when she was surfing the Internet. She wrote a limerick and posted it to the Mind’s Eye Limerick Tours website.

Was she a macaque on a mission
Whom Slater snapped without permission
And went on the attack
And got Slater back
When her selfies gained wide recognition?