Day 842: Flåm Train

One of the world’s most scenic train trips is the ride from Myrdal to Flåm in Norway.  During some free time at the Antarctic research station, Laetitia took a group there.  They rode past fjords, waterfalls, lakes, wildflowers, quaint cottages, forests, small hillside farms, and snow-capped peaks.  The train stopped at Kjusfossen, a waterfall that provides a splendid photo opportunity.  As she and her guests were watching, blonde female figures dressed in red emerged from behind rocks and bushes in the foreground, made summoning gestures and disappear again.  Having done her homework, Laetitia knew that these represented huldra, seductive mythological creatures from Scandinavian folklore, similar to the Lorelei or the sirens.  Though attractive when viewed from the front, they are seductive trolls with cow’s tails that men consort with at their peril.  They provided the limerick of the day.

In Norway, you must remain calm
On the thrilling train ride down to Flåm
Beware of troll sirens
Who haunt those environs
Kjusfossen needs Nordic aplomb.