Day 840: Lady Gaga 1

Since she would be returning to Hibernia as soon as the person she temporarily replaced rejoined the research station staff, Laetitia decided it was time to reconnect with her friends in Hibernia.  She met several of them at a Hibernia pub.  A topic of conversation was Lady Gaga and her “vomit as art” and “inflatable phallus” performances.  The conversation spawned two limericks.  Here is the first.

While the Scottish are prone to like curling,
Those Irish who much prefer hurling
Can rejoice and take heart
For soon ‘twill be art
For which Brits will pay Gaga pound sterling.

Day 839: Copper Canyon, Mexico

The research station common room was empty.  Laetitia opened a pub can of Kilkenny Irish Ale, poured it into a pint glass, let the bubbles clear, and shortly thereafter was leading another tour in Mexico.  She and her group were back in El Fuerte.  They boarded a train on the Chihuahua-Pacific Railroad for a trip through the Copper Canyon (Barranca del Cobre). The train crosses Mexico ending at Chihuahua on the east coast, but Laetitia’s group went as far as Creel. They were rewarded with stunning views of the canyon system, larger and deeper than in Grand Canyon in Arizona.  At stops along the way, the group had opportunities to buy exquisite baskets and other works of art from the indigenous Tarahumara (Rarámuri).

Like a magical carpet of steel
The train from El Fuerte to Creel
Goes along Copper Canyon
Bring a favorite companion
For a day that’s more dreamy than real.

Day 838: El Fuerte, Mexico

Laetitia’s research station duties were done for the day.  She went to her room, lay down on her bunk, closed her eyes and a short time later was back in Mexico leading a tour.  She met her group in El Fuerte in the Mexican state of Sinaloa.  Conquistador, Francisco de Ibarra, built a fortress there in 1610 as protection against the Zuaque and Tehueco Native American tribes that constantly harassed the Spanish invaders.  The day’s tour included a visit to its nineteenth century neoclassical City Hall and a local museum, Museo-Mirador.  El Fuerte is close to the Sea of Cortez and Laetitia found a local restaurant for dinner that offered excellent seafood.

When an amorous Brit known as Bertie
With the local girls tried to get flirty
They all seemed to vanish
For he had no Spanish
To woo them with in El Fuerte.

Day 837: Brit’s Pub, Minneapolis

Laetitia received word that the staff member that she temporarily replaced at the Antarctic research station had nearly recovered from her debilitating condition and would be returning in a few weeks.  Thus, Laetitia began to think about what she would do when she returned to Hibernia.  She decided that instead of leading another Mind’s Eye Limerick Tour when next she had some time off, she would visit her cousin, Elsa, in Minneapolis, and try to figure out what next to do with her life.

They met for lunch at Brit’s Pub in Minneapolis.  It was founded in 1990 by self-described, 83-year-old Cockney geezer, Freddie Manton.  Its “Bill of Fayre” features a nice selection of brews and pub food and it has witty signs like the one that reads, “Beer!  It’s not just for breakfast anymore.”  They had shepherds’ pie and Guinness, chatted about old times and discussed Laetitia’s options for the future.  Though she didn’t need to, Laetitia wrote a limerick about Brit’s.

Straight from England, the land of Great Tits
Comes a pub that’s known simply as “Brit’s”
Have a brew and a plate
Their Bill of Fayre’s great
And their ciders and ales are big hits.