Day 823: Red Lodge 2

One of the things that Laetitia missed at the research station was craft beer, so she decided to bring another group to Red Lodge, Montana.  She took them them hiking on trails near Bear Tooth Pass.  When they returned to town she arranged with Justin, the Brew Master, to give them a guided tour of the Red Lodge Ales brewery.  Having done the tour previously, she stayed behind in Sam’s Tap Room.  She stood at the bar looking at the array of taps, trying to decide what she wanted.  The bartender offered and she accepted a flight of Red Lodge Ale’s year-round offerings in two ounce glasses.  She enjoyed the samples and then put the names into a limerick.  After dinner, she joined Bert and Jo Ann for dinner at the Grizzly Bar.  She met them on her previous sojourn here. Bert recently celebrated his ninetieth birthday so she wrote a limerick toast in his honor.

At Red Lodge Ales try a Bent Nail
Or their Porter or Jack’s Scottish Ale
Or their Pilsner called Czechmate
Their Helio’s first rate
As are Beartooth and Glacier ales pale.

Here’s to Bert now a nonagenarian
Who prefers beef to vegetarian
He still goes on hikes
Rides horses and bikes
And is a great humanitarian.