Day 755: Wiener Demeanor

Laetitia and her group headed north from Lake Garda.  She planned to tour Austria after Italy but today’s destination was Tramin an der Weinstrasse.  There are wine roads all over the world.  Tramin, an Italian Town with a German name, is on the South Tyrolean one.  The Tyrol or Tirol is an alpine region between Austria and Italy spanning a border that has shifted many times throughout history.  Hence, German language and cultural influence is ubiquitously present.  The area is best known for being the origin of the gewürztraminer grape and the wine made from it.  The group toured the picturesque town and the Tyrolean countryside.  Later they made an excursion to Lago di Caldaro for an afternoon hike.

At the hotel bar, Laetitia sipped a glass of gewürztraminer and talked to a couple from Vienna or Wien (pronounced Veen) as it is known in the German-speaking world.  The “Wieners,” as residents of Vienna are called, ran a small restaurant and were amused by American tourists who saw “wiener” schnitzel on the menu and were surprised then they were served a breaded veal cutlet instead of the hot dog they thought they were getting.  Laetitia was amused too and turned their anecdote into the limerick of the day.

Yanks abroad should maintain calm demeanor
When served cutlet instead of a wiener
When in Austria, say “wurst;”
Now that you are well versed.
Have your schnitzel with gewürztraminer.