Day 754: Grail Sail

The largest lake in Italy is Lake Garda.  It’s a popular vacation spot although probably not quite as well known as Lake Como except among couples planning a destination wedding.  When Laetitia sat in front of the computer at the Emerald Victorian sipping espresso and reading her email she was surprised to find one from Mind’s Eye Limerick Tours Headquarters, wherever that is, asking her to entertain the out of town guests who had come to Lake Garda for a destination wedding.  She agreed and soon was in Torri del Benaco occupying the wedding entourage with a lake excursion and the Scaliger Castle Museum until the evening ceremony.  The marriage took place out of doors on the lawn beneath Laetitia’s hotel room window.  She pulled up a chair, opened the window wide and enjoyed the show that included a few humorous moments such as when the ring bearer and the flower girl slipped off just before the ceremony to play in the dirt.  When the marriage and cake cutting ceremonies were complete, the bride and groom boarded a festively decorated 30-foot sloop, cast off, unfurled the sheets, and sailed off into the sunset.  As the boat receded into the dimming light, the wedding guests moved into a banquet hall for dinner and later a disco dance.  Laetitia found her way to the hotel bar and wrote down the limerick of the day.

As the evening sun waned and grew pale
The newly wed pair unfurled sail
On a course to the west
As they started their quest
For that treasure elusive, the grail.