Day 750: Lake Maggiore II

After Lake Maggiore, Laetitia was going to continue touring the Italian Lake District, but yesterday’s group decided that they wanted to follow the A Farewell to Arms story into Switzerland, so she made a snap decision to alter her plan and make a one-day foray across the border.

In the novel, Frederick Henry returns to the front but there is an incident during a chaotic retreat in which he kills another soldier.  Knowing he will be shot if he tries to rejoin his unit, he deserts and reconnects with Catherine Barclay at the Grand Hotel in Stressa.  During the night, the bar man warns that the Italian Army is in town coming to arrest him in the morning.  Fred and Cat find a boat and row north through the rain and fog to asylum in neutral Switzerland.  They are arrested by Swiss Border Police in Brissago but are taken to Lucarno where they are given temporary visas.  They move to Montreux on Lake Geneva where their romance flowers until Catherine dies tragically in childbirth and Frederick walks back to the hotel in the rain.

Laetitia took her group to Brissago and Lucarno since both are on Lake Maggiore.  She decided to tour Montreux on a subsequent trip.  Once again Fred and Cat were the subjects of her limerick,

In a row boat resembling a dory
Fred and Cat rowed north on Lake Maggiore
On a dark rainy night
But sad was their plight;
Hemingway wrote a tragic love story.