Day 746: Farnese Borghese

Laetitia began the second day in Rome by visiting the Spanish Steps, a long stairway built during the seventeenth century to connect a French church, Trinità dei Monti, on a hilltop, with the square below.  The Piazza di Spagna at the bottom of the stairs was so named because it was the site of the Spanish embassy.

Afterwards, Laetitia arranged for a bus to take her group to view two art collections, one at Palace Farnese and the other at Villa Borghese.  She commemorated the Museum visits with a two-verse limerick.

We went in our fine bus, Mercedes,
To see portraits of elegant ladies
At Palace Farnese
And Villa Borghese
Plus creatures that came out of Hades.

We got to see plump Aphrodite
Cavorting devoid of her nightie
And Cleopatra’s asp
Almost within grasp
And images of the Almighty.