Day 744: Hadrian’s Villa

Hadrian was Roman Emperor from 76 AD to 138 AD.  He is probably best known in the English-speaking world for Hadrian’s Wall, located in England near its border with Scotland.  He apparently disliked city life and had a villa built for himself about 18 miles from Rome near Tivoli.  It has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site but one can only imagine how magnificent it once was.  This is because much of the marble statuary and the marble facings on the walls of the buildings were literally “ripped off” for use in the building Villa d’Este.

Laetitia and her group toured the grounds looking at the mosaics, the remaining statuary, the great baths, the reflecting pools, the columns, the Maritime Theatre, and the Temple of Venus.  Afterwards, Laetitia reflected on how little regard people in the past had for historic preservation.  She remembered seeing how many stones from Avebury Hinge in England ended up as construction materials in the local village.  Laetitia’s limerick was about the common practice in days of yore of looting antiquities for use as building materials.

The fine marble from Hadrian’s Villa
Was ripped off as if by gorilla
Like it was a cheapo
Version of Home Depot
Were such plunders the work of “Stripzilla?”