Day 697: Bear When Bare

The island city called Prince Rupert began life as the western terminus of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, which ran from Winnipeg to Canada’s west coast. Charles Hayes, the general manager of the railroad, had grandiose plans for the city, with its ice-free natural harbor, but they perished with him when the RMS Titanic foundered in 1912.

It may seem odd that a city in an English territory would be named after a German prince, but Rupert’s mother was Elizabeth Stewart, daughter of King James I of England. When his cousin, King Charles II granted a charter to the Hudson’s Bay Company in what is now Canada, Rupert was made its first governor.

The Mind’s Eye group’s principal activity was a visit to the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary, where their boat offered excellent close-up views of the bears, as well as sea otters, orcas, deer, waterfowl, and even an occasional wolf. Afterward the group visited the Museum of Northern British Columbia, and then Laetitia gave everyone some free time before they reconvened for dinner.

It is not uncommon for those who join Laetitia’s tours to become romantically involved. The gossip at dinner was about a man and a woman who had left the group. The pair had struck up a conversation during the day’s boat trip and found they had a yen for each other. During the free time they rented bicycles and went to a secluded spot on the edge of town, where their passion was interrupted by a bear. The story became the limerick of the day.

Certain risks are encountered when wooing
In a place that has good wildlife viewing
For a bear when you’re bare
Can give you a scare
That will be your libido’s undoing.