Day 696: Merry Ferry

As Laetitia walked down Raglan Road, she was in a good mood. She always looked forward to the morning’s first cup of coffee. She never knew what kind of beans would be in the packet next to the grinder, but whoever chose it knew what she would like. She was also looking forward to today’s tour. They were taking the ferry from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert. This would an easy day for a tour leader. The passing scenery would keep the group entertained, leaving her free to do what she wanted.

As the ferry left the terminal, Laetitia stood at the stern, watching the wake and the gulls hovering to snatch a tasty morsel churned up by the screws. She spent much of the time on deck looking at mountain peaks, birds, and wildlife as the ship moved through the channels of the inside passage. This was the route that cruise ships from Vancouver or Seattle take to Alaska, and they passed several of those large glittering sea palaces, which were making the return trip. Laetitia sat on a deck chair with binoculars and enjoyed the view of gulls, harbor seals, and the occasional blow of a humpback whale. When she saw an eagle land in its aerie, she wrote the limerick of the day.

‘Board the Best Inside Passage’s ferry
Is a trip that you’ll surely find merry
For it often reveals
Whales and some harbor seals
Or an eagle who lands on its aerie.