Day 695: Tardy in Port Hardy

Laetitia and her group stopped at Marble River Provincial Park on the way to Port Hardy. The park offered some excellent hiking trails, wildlife viewing, and opportunities for photography. After arrival in Port Hardy, they took an excursion boat to God’s Pocket Marine Provincial Park, located on Hurst Island and Bell Island in the channel between Vancouver Island and mainland Canada. They took a sea kayak tour that offered excellent views of sea birds, bald eagles, humpback whales, and seals.

At the hotel bar where Laetitia went for a pre-dinner pint of Hermann’s Dark Lager, a couple was having a loud spat. From snippets of their conversation, Laetitia pieced together the story. They had met through an Internet dating service that billed itself as a matchmaker for millionaires, but on their first date it became clear that neither came close to being in that category. On this, their second date, they planned to meet and, after a drink or two, go to a party together. The argument ensued when he arrived late, and she wasn’t buying his excuse. Laetitia listened for a while, wrote a limerick and went off to join her group for dinner.

When dating a lass in Port Hardy
It’s best to avoid being tardy
For it’s likely your date
Will become most irate
And spoil your night out at a party.