Day 694: Chopped Liver

The day began with a hike in Elk Falls Provincial Park, a place of splendid scenery. The falls and their trek along the Campbell River provided Laetitia’s group with excellent opportunities for photography. Later they went to the town at the river’s mouth, where they planned to spend the evening. The town of Campbell River claims to be the “Salmon Capital of the World” and has abundant sport-fishing charter boats that go along with the title. An afternoon harbor cruise provided the group with excellent views of seals, bald eagles, and brown bears.

Campbell River attracts fishermen and fisherwomen from all over the world, so one might hear any manner of speech here, but Laetitia was surprised to hear someone in the resort hotel bar say, “What am I, chopped liver?” alluding to the common delicatessen side dish prepared by sautéing liver and onions in schmaltz. The rhetorical question, expressed by one who feels slighted at being perceived as a mere side dish rather than the main course, is common in the eastern United States, but Laetitia didn’t expect to find it in a western Canada fishing town. She chatted with the group and learned that they were New Yorkers on a tour. The happening provided the limerick of the day.

There are not many folks who would wish
To be viewed merely as a side dish
Like a deli’s chopped liver
E’en in Campbell River
Where most people just come to fish.