Day 693: Cumberland Slumberland

Laetitia’s group spent most of the day hiking in Strathcona Provincial Park in the area around Butte Lake. Founded in 1911, it is British Columbia’s oldest provincial park, featuring mountains and extensive wilderness areas. In late afternoon they arrived in Cumberland, where they were spending the night. They did a walkabout in the former coal mining community and went to the local museum before going to their hotel.

At the local pub where Laetitia went for a pint of Spyhopper Honey Brown Ale, she talked to a couple that claimed to be in a mixed marriage. Sue was a local girl, and Ron was from the United States, where they now lived when they weren’t here visiting her parents. They met at a pub when he came to Vancouver Island on a fishing trip. It wasn’t love at first sight. She was put off when Ron seemed to be obsessed with bed, but then she learned that he made a good living selling futons. The couple saw one of Sue’s school friends and went over to talk to her. Laetitia sipped her ale as she wrote the limerick of the day on her bar napkin. Then she finished her drink and went off to join her group for dinner.

Sue thought Ron was from Dumb and Dumber Land
When they met at a nightspot in Cumberland
And all that he said
Related to bed
‘Til she learned he sold futons for Slumberland.