Day 687: You Know, Juno

When Laetitia met her group in Vancouver, her plan was to focus on museums and history, but that soon changed. Vancouver has become known as “Hollywood North,” and like Hollywood, California in the early twentieth century, it is a Mecca for star-stuck tourists. Considering how many popular movies have been made in Vancouver, Laetitia was a little surprised to find that her tour members—all Minnesota movie buffs—joined her group because they were fans of the 1998 Leslie Nielson comedy Wrongfully Accused.

Pat Proft, who wrote and directed the film, began his career with the Dudley Riggs Brave New Workshop in Minneapolis. This parody of “The Fugitive” and about 20 other iconic films has a special meaning to Minnesotans because Proft named the movie’s characters, such as Hibbing Goodhue, Fergus Falls, and Cass Lake, after places in Minnesota. The tourists chuckled at the depiction of Columbia Heights, a blue-collar Minneapolis suburb, as a plush harbor-side community with mansions more appropriate for The Great Gatsby.

As Laetitia stood outside a local studio while her group was touring inside, a teenager walked up and said, “Are you, you know, the girl from Juno?” When Laetitia demurred, the girl insisted, suggesting Laetitia just didn’t want to be recognized. Finally Laetitia said, “I’m not, but if you tell your friends back home you saw Ellen Page here, I won’t be around to contradict you.” Page made the 2007 independent box office smash when she was 20 and would be about Laetitia’s age now, but she otherwise didn’t resemble Laetitia at all. It was just the magic of imagination evoked by being in the place where something momentous happened and the strong desire for a star sighting. However, it provided the limerick of the day.

Should a teenager ask, “Are you, you know
The pregnant girl who starred in Juno
Don’t try to demur
For she’ll just infer
That your privacy’s numero uno.