Day 683: Ectoplasm Spasm

As Laetitia walked into the Emerald Victorian, she was glad to be home. She and her grandmother had a great time traveling in Wales and England’s Lake District, but she was beginning to miss leading tours and writing limericks. While she was traveling Laetitia checked Sophie’s posts on the Mind’s Eye website. Sophie had done well, and Laetitia thought she would ask her cousin to lead additional tours the next time she wanted time off.

In the kitchen a packet of Mexican shade-grown dark roast coffee sat beside the grinder. About ten minutes later Laetitia was sipping a steaming cup of it as she sat in her favorite chair in the library. Sophie had taken her group to Lake Louise yesterday, so Laetitia decided that today’s tour would start in nearby Banff. The group took an all-day river tour in a large canoe with guides dressed as voyageurs in the bow and stern. It was a great way to see wildlife. Sightings included beavers, muskrats, hawks, eagles, and an occasional elk. The guides prepared a voyageur-style lunch over an open fire.

The group was staying at the famous Banff Springs Hotel. Like Chateau Lake Louise, it is an imposing building, built in 1887 to accommodate tourists who arrived by rail. After her guests were ensconced in their rooms with plans to rendezvous for dinner later, Laetitia found her way to the cocktail lounge. The Banff Springs Hotel is number 4 in the list of haunted hotels and, as such, attracts guests hoping to make ghost sightings.

From her barstool perch, Laetitia noticed a group at one of the tables sipping cocktails that resembled green slime. When she asked the bartender what it was, he told her it is a drink called “ectoplasm,” with ingredients that include vodka, Grand Marnier, Blue Curacao and orange juice. He said he was at a Halloween party once where they were served with plastic eyeballs floating in them. In the biological sciences the word “ectoplasm” means a semi-rigid layer of protoplasm just inside the cell membrane, but to those interested in the spirit world, it is a visible substance emanating from a ghost or spiritual medium. Their conversation was the source of the limerick of the day.

Ectoplasm is not often seen
And is sometimes depicted as green
When served as a highball
Sometimes with an eyeball
At parties held on Halloween.