Day 682: Lake Louise Please

Today was Sophie’s last tour day, at least for a while. Tomorrow Laetitia would be home from her trip to Wales and would resume leading her Mind’s Eye tours. Sophie decided to take her group to Lake Louise. With its fir tree and rock-bound shores, azure waters and splendid views of mountains and glaciers above, it was one of Sophie’s favorite places on earth. Named after Queen Victoria’s fourth daughter, Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, the lake has attracted tourists since it became accessible to rail passengers in 1895. After a morning of hiking, the group had lunch at Chateau Lake Louise, the large hotel built at the end of the nineteenth century to accommodate vacationers who arrived by rail. The group spent the afternoon horseback riding on trails in the area.

As yet bereft of a limerick, Sophie went to the Chateau’s cocktail lounge, which has a splendid view of the lake and glacier. She was early, so there were few other patrons. She sat at the bar and had plenty of time to listen to the bartender as the happy hour crowd began to drift in. He mostly liked to talk about himself and his life as a bartender in this famous place. She distilled what he said into the day’s limerick.

As a barkeep I meet potpourris
Of women here at Lake Louise
Some married, some single
Some likely to mingle
And others who just like to tease.