Day 680: Plus 15

As Sophie stood at the big front door of the Emerald Victorian reaching in her purse for the key, she was thinking about her past few days as a tour guide. She couldn’t begin quite as early as Laetitia. She waited until her husband was at work and Emma was in school, or sometimes brought Emma with her. Nonetheless, the tour guide experience had been a lot of fun, and she hoped Laetitia would ask her to do it again. There were plenty of places to tour in Alberta, but there was no particular reason she needed to restrict her tours to western Canada. In the kitchen, as expected, she found a packet of coffee beans next to the grinder. Shortly after that she was sitting in a comfortable chair in the library next to a steaming cup of Costa Rican peaberry coffee, planning the day’s tour.

Sophie decided to spend the last two days of her stint as a tour director in the mountains. She chose Jasper National Park for today’s destination. Covering an area of 4,200 square miles, it is the largest national park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. Sophie led her group over the park landscapes, including splendid views of mountain peaks, lakes, rivers, canyons, waterfalls, and glaciers. They ended the day in the Municipality of Jasper, a community of about 4,000 residents.

Sophie decided to follow Laetitia’s example and go to a bar before taking her group to dinner. When she arrived at the bar she had chosen for happy hour, she was surprised to find it filled with people in costume. She assumed they were there for a drink or two on the way to a party, but they stayed long enough to consume several drinks and get rowdy. Before she could talk to them and find out where they were headed, a man dressed as a pirate pawed a woman dressed as Cleopatra. After Cleopatra beat him about the head and shoulders with her rubber snake, the group left. Though her curiosity was unsatisfied, Sophie now had the limerick of the day.

It should be quite easy to grasp
That a woman who’s armed with an asp
Like the lady in Jasper
Who beat up her grasper
Is one men should not try to clasp.