Day 673: Moon Balloon

Laetitia and her group left Kelvington and drove west and then south, stopping at Quill Lakes for some wildlife viewing. There they turned onto Trans Canada Highway 16 and proceeded west toward Saskatoon. On arrival at Saskatoon, they visited the Mendel Art Gallery, the Ukrainian Museum of Canada, the Saskatchewan Western Development Museum, and the Saskatchewan Railway Museum before going to the Delta Bessborough Hotel, the former Canadian National Railway hotel where they were spending the evening.

Laetitia found a western-style saloon for her happy hour sojourn. From her perch on a barstool, she watched a local lounge lizard making the rounds. When a woman at one of the tables refused his offer to buy her a drink, he walked out in a huff and mooned everyone in the saloon from the sidewalk. His timing was bad. Just as he dropped his pants, a gang of roving teenage boys walked by looking for water balloon targets. It didn’t end well for him, but it gave Laetitia the limerick of the day.

‘Twas a hoot yesterday afternoon
When a disgruntled local buffoon
Proceeded to moon
The entire saloon
And was hit by a water balloon.