Day 671: Mud Dud

Sturgis, Saskatchewan might not be as well-known as well known as Sturgis, South Dakota—at least not in motorcycle circles. Its first Euro-Canadian settler, a rancher named Jack Shewfelt who arrive in 1895, was followed by homesteaders from elsewhere in North America, Sweden, Poland, and Ukraine. There is a rumor that the community was once called Stanhope, but no official records have been found with the town so named. Some think the rumor arose from a joke said to be popular among the pioneers, “We can just stand and hope the railway comes.”

There are lots of lakes near Sturgis, the largest being Mud Lake and May Lake. By unanimous consent, the group decided to go walleye fishing, and Laetitia made arrangements with a local guide to take them out on May Lake. Afterward they did a walkabout in the town, which is distinguished by its red water tower. While doing so, Laetitia overheard a conversation among several farmers that included the term “purchase” several times. It soon became obvious that they weren’t talking about shopping. Then Laetitia remembered several youthful visits to her great grandfather’s farm, when she heard the term used to describe a foothold for climbing or a lever position for moving an object. She turned their gossip into the limerick of the day.

When a young local farmer named Judd
Enticed Meg to make love in the mud
In Mud Lake near Sturgis
He could get no purchase
And found the whole business a dud.