Day 666: Faux Pas

Shortly after invitations were sent out for another of Uncle Milt’s famous parties, Laeitia received requests for new party songs like those she had done at the previous gathering at Uncle Milt’s. Granny wanted a song about Tom Lehrer, and Uncle Ralph wanted a song about Mae West.

Laetitia and her group boarded floatplanes on a lake near Sainte Rose du Lac and flew north to a lake near The Pas (thuh paw), Manitoba. Then they drove in a rented van to Clearwater Lake Provincial Park, where they spent most of the day canoeing. Clearwater Lake is so pristine that one can see the bottom at depths in excess of 100 feet. They returned to The Pas in the evening and did a walkabout, viewing its historic buildings. Especially interesting was the Lido Theatre, built in 1930, one of Canada’s oldest movie houses, no doubt very popular on long winter nights. The mean daily temperature in January in The Pas is -5° F (-20° C). So Laetitia was not surprised to find that its cold winters were a frequent topic in the local bar gossip, including a story about a local woman named Tess that morphed into the limerick of the day.

The habit of Tess from The Pas
To walk around town with no bra
Neath her parka just fails
To attract many males
‘Til she takes it off after the thaw.