Day 653: Voyageur? Voyeur?

The French River runs from Lake Nipissing to Georgian Bay on the northeast side of Lake Huron in Ontario Province. Laetitia and her group booked a river excursion in the morning and later hiked and canoed in French River Provincial Park located at the river’s mouth. The river was an important route for transferring pelts during the two centuries when the North American fur trade flourished. Near the park’s visitor center, the Mind’s Eye group heard some re-enactors dressed as voyageurs talk about the lives of their characters, those hardy Frenchmen who transported the fur pelts in birch bark canoes. During this discussion, one member of Laetitia’s group irked and embarrassed her by referring to the re-enactors as “voyeurs.” She gave a retort in the form of a limerick.

Voyageurs were those fellows who’d cruise
Hauling furs in their birch-bark canoes
Unlike voyeurs who creep
As through windows they peep
Such ignorance fails to amuse.