Day 652: Canadian Ballet

Laetitia and her group left Milton and headed for Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario Province. It covers a vast area of forestland with more than 2,000 lakes and 700 miles of streams. The group spent the day canoeing and hiking. Afterward they viewed an exhibit of works from the Group of Seven, a 1920s coterie of landscape painters, famous for their scenes from the area, before continuing their journey. The Mind’s Eye group’s destination was North Bay on Lake Nipissing. The group did an evening excursion on the lake before dinner.

At the bar afterward, Laetitia heard a story about a naïve and straight-laced American tourist whom a Canadian friend fixed up on a blind date with a local girl. The tourist didn’t know that “Canadian Ballet” is a slang phrase for “strip club.” It became the limerick of the day.

Jeb wrote home that t’was his lucky day
He was sure that his date from North Bay
Was a lady of class
For his friend said this lass
Danced with the Canadian Ballet.