Day 645: Pudenda Referenda

After leaving Percé, Laetitia took her group to Forillon National Park at the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula. They spent the day hiking and enjoying the scenery and bird life of this magnificent area. When they departed they drove along the south bank of the Saint Lawrence River estuary to Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, where they were spending the evening. This small city is located between the Chic-Choc Mountains and the south shore of the river. It was named after the mother of the Virgin Mary, whose local shrine is a destination for pilgrims during the feast of La Bonne Sainte Anne every summer. Laetitia and the group visited the Exploramer Aquarium before going to their hotel. The aquarium features underwater life from the area.

From her barstool perch during happy hour, Laetitia sipped a Blanche de Quebec (Belgian-style unfiltered wheat beer) and watched a drunk expound with slurred speech about female pudenda, especially that of his wife, whom he referred to as Sainte-Anne-des-Mons and with whom he had just had a spat. After a while, some members of the crowd began to tire of his rant and started polling the other patrons about whether they wanted him to stop or continue. After several votes, the count was unanimous against, and he left the bar, but not before Laetitia had the limerick of the day.

At the bar, it took three referenda
To quash a drunk’s rant on pudenda
But the crowd had enough
And he left in a huff
Unwilling to change his agenda.