Day 644: Percé Merci

Leaving Campbellton, Laetitia and her group crossed the Restigouche River and drove along the north shore of Chaleur Bay. They were now in Quebec on the Gaspé Peninsula. Their destination was specifically Rocher Percé or Pierced Rock, the massive sheer cliff in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence pierced by a 20-meter arch near one end. On arrival, the group boarded a chartered boat to get close-up views of the rock and to visit the gannet colony on nearby Bonaventure Island.

After spending the day outdoors, Laetitia made the usual arrangements with her group at their hotel in Percé and went off in search of a libation and limerick. The gossip floating around the bar was about a young British lad who wooed a local girl by way of an Internet correspondence. The lad was both pious and naïve, and after arriving to claim his bride, he returned home when a local jokester told him that the town’s name signified the condition of maidenheads among the community’s women.

When a callow Brit fellow named Percy
Who arrived for a French bride from Percé
Found it means “pierced” in French
His plan he did quench
And he went back to Henley-on-Mersey.