Day 548: Labor of Love

The Mind’s Eye group drove north to Luddington, Michigan, and crossed Lake Michigan on the ferry to Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Their destination was Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. They arrived that evening in Gladstone, where they were spending the evening.

The bartender at the licensed premises Laetitia chose for her late afternoon libation was originally from Milwaukee. He viewed “Yoopers,” as the denizens of the Upper Peninsula are affectionately called, as a subject for humor. One of his stories was about a local girl named Joan, who, from an early age, dreamed of being a sports announcer. When her efforts to enter this male-dominated profession failed, she found a hobby that allowed her to realize her ambition to some extent, even though she had to find other work to pay her bills. She was shapely and cute and had numerous lovers. She also had numerous friends in stale relationships who liked to live vicariously through her adventures. Her lovers thought her behavior curious, but didn’t mind as long as she was discrete about using their names. To Laetitia, the story seemed a bit far-fetched, but she used it because it made a good limerick.

When she made love, Joan from Gladstone
Talked incessantly on her cell phone
Telling her friends and neighbors
Of her amorous labors
Complete with each gasp and each groan.