Day 545: Gas City

Laetitia and her group headed northeast out of Brazil. Their first stop of the day was the Conner Prairie Pioneer Set. Afterward they visited the Indiana Transportation Museum and, late that afternoon, arrived in Gas City, their destination for the evening. Originally called Harrisburg after its first settler, Gas City acquired its present name and temporary boomtown status in the late nineteenth century, when natural gas was discovered in the area.

On arrival, Laetitia led the group on a walkabout, then she left them at their hotel with arrangements to meet before dinner. Book in hand, she went off to find a shady park bench. As she sat reading, an adolescent girl carrying a backpack approached and stopped to talk. After a bit of small talk, the topic drifted to living in Gas City. According to the girl, Maggie, it was a great place to live except for one thing. Outsiders like to make crude jokes about gas and the people who live here. Maggie said, “My uncle thinks he’s a comedian. He moved over to Marion to take a job, but he says he moved there because everybody knows the people who live here produce a lot of natural gas. Then he winks and laughs as though this rude joke is funny rather than offensive. I wish we could live somewhere else.” The topic moved to more pleasant subjects, and later, after the girl walked on, Laetitia wrote the limerick of the day.

Young Maggie thought it was a pity
That her folks chose to live in Gas City
Where the townsfolk are known
To be flatulence prone
Or so goes a wag’s nitty-gritty.