Day 543: Bean Blossom

Laetitia and her group spent most of the day in Brown County State Park hiking in Stony Lonesome, an appellation that aptly describes the area. It’s the title of a 1970s Indiana poetry magazine from nearby Bloomington and the name of another southern Indiana town.

Late that afternoon, the group arrived in Bean Blossom, an unincorporated town near Bean Blossom Creek, both of which were named for an area man of days of yore whose surname was Beanblossom. The small community is best known for its Bill Monroe Memorial (Bluegrass) Festival and for t-shirts that read “Beautiful Downtown Bean Blossom,” a parody of a favorite line from the 1960s television show Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In.

Laetitia wasn’t sure whether the story a local fellow told at happy hour was true or whether he was “pulling the leg,” to use a local expression, of the female tourist he was having a conversation with, but it didn’t matter. It made a good limerick.

Young Jeremy spoke of the thrill
Of finding a fresh new roadkill
On the streets of Bean Blossom
Be it groundhog or possum
For a stew he could eat to his fill.