Day 535: Sphinx from Lynx

It was to be another Ohio outdoor day. Laetitia and the Mind’s Eye group spent the morning in the Crown City Wildlife Area bird watching, and after lunch explored the Red Rock Cincinnati Museum of Natural History Nature Preserve. That evening they went to Lynx, Ohio, where they planned to spend the night. Laetitia found the choice of Lynx as a town name a bit curious. Of the four species in the genus lynx, only the bobcat is prevalent in the lower 48 states, and it is rare in Ohio.

After leaving her tour group at their lodging with a designated time and place to meet for dinner, Laetitia found a shady park bench and was reading a book when a teenager walked by leading a cat on a leash. The cat was an unusual breed, and Laetitia asked about it. According to Kate, the cat’s owner, it was an Egyptian mau. Kate was, in fact, interested in all things associated with the ancient kingdom of the Nile, and after spending a great deal of time studying its history and mythology, she had created an Egyptian persona for herself. Among other things, she claimed to be a descendant of Cleopatra Selene II, the only one of Cleopatra’s four children who escaped being murdered because they were threats to dynastic succession. According to Kate, boys either loved or hated her new persona, but it gave her an aura of mystery that kept them guessing. Kate’s story was the source of the limerick of the day.

As inscrutable as the Great Sphinx
Is young Kate from the village of Lynx
To the boys who adore her
And to those who abhor her
For  neither can tell what she thinks.