Day 534: Shade Man Leid

Laetitia and her group headed north out of Crum and stopped for hikes and bird watching in Beech Fork and Chief Cornstalk State Parks before crossing the Ohio River and entering Ohio. Their destination for the evening was a small unincorporated community called “Shade.” It isn’t clear how Shade got its name.

When Uncle Ralph was stationed in San Diego while in the Navy, he observed that many of his fellow junior officers were from the Midwest. His hypothesis was that it was related to the California Dreamin’ phenomenon captured by the Mamas and the Papas in their ‘60s song by that name. One who signed up for a stint in the Navy was more likely to be assigned to one of America’s coasts or Hawaii rather than some remote mosquito-infested place in the middle of the country. Young people in the Midwest who view life in their hometowns as drab often find solace in dreams. As the Mind’s Eye group did a walkabout in Shade, Laetitia overheard a young man named Arthur eloquently promulgating his dream to any of his friends who would listen. She distilled Arthur’s dream into the limerick of the day.

The dream trip of Arthur from Shade
Was Hawaii, where he’d have it made
On the beach in the sun
And he’d surely have fun
At a luau where most folks get leid.