Day 531: Uncouth Youth

This day’s route to their ultimate destination, Welch West Virginia, was circuitous, since Laetitia wanted to stop at several parks on the way. The first was Bluestone National River, with its spectacular gorge. They began by canoeing in Bluestone Lake at the Bluestone State Park end of the canyon and then went to Pipestone Resort State Park and rode the tram to the stream at the bottom and back. They made additional stops for hikes in Camp Creek State Park and Twin Falls State Park on the way to their destination for the evening.

Welch is an incorporated community of 2,400 nestled among surrounding wooded hills at the confluence of the Tug and Elkhorn Rivers. On arrival, Laetitia took her group on a walkabout in the picturesque town. As they went by a park on their walk, several group members asked if they could have a little time to take some pictures. As she waited to resume the walk, Laetitia overheard a conversation among several teenage boys about an acquaintance named Mortimer. The gist of the conversation was that he got by with doing disgusting and annoying things because he was cute. Mortimer became the subject of the limerick of the day.

Young Mortimer never would squelch
The chance to give out a loud belch
In a manner, uncouth
But, ‘twas blamed on his youth
By the dowager set around Welch.