Day 530: Mount Hope

Leaving Rock Cave, Laetitia and her group drove to Babcock State Park, where they visited the Glade Creek Grist Mill and then went on a trail ride in the park led by the staff of a local riding stable. Afterward they went hiking in the New River Gorge National River area before going to Mount Hope, West Virginia, their destination for the evening. On arrival they did a walkabout in the Mount Hope Historic District before Laetitia left the group at their hotel with instructions about where and when to meet for dinner. A story Laetitia heard while she was having her pre-dinner libation became the limerick of the day. It was about a local girl named Rosalee and a local man named Homer, who tried to court her in a peculiar way.

When young Homer who lived in Mount Hope
Sought to woo Rosalee on the slope
Of the roof of a shed
She said, “I’d like a bed,”
And she told her friends he was a dope.