Day 529: Rock Cave

The route from Capon Bridge to Rock Cave, West Virginia, took the Mind’s Eye group through the Monongahela National Forest. As they passed through, the group visited Blackwater Falls, and Laetitia led some hikes in Blackwater Canyon. Leaving the national forest, the group made an additional stop for bird watching at the West Virginia State Wildlife Center before heading on to Rock Cave, their evening’s destination. After a walkabout in the town, Laetitia dropped the group at their lodging with arrangements to meet later for dinner and found a bar for a pre-dinner drink and to write a limerick. Some gossip about Milt and Prudence, a local young couple, provided the source of the day’s limerick.

Young Milt from the town of Rock Cave
Exhorted young Prudence to save
Her prized maidenhead
For their marriage bed
But he soon found she already gave.