Day 526: Teen Queen

Laetitia and her group began the day by visiting several Civil War battlefield sites in Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania and later stopped at the Chester F. Phelps Wildlife Management Area to do some bird watching. Their destination for the evening was Culpeper, Virginia. A young George Washington surveyed the original town site. Today, its proximity to Washington D,C. has made it a bedroom community for government employees. On arrival, Laetitia took her group on a walkabout through the town’s historic district. They passed by an Art Deco Theatre under renovation. As they were looking at it, a local resident gave its history. It began life as the Pitts Theater in 1938 as a venue for vaudeville shows and movies. It closed in 1993. In 2008, a community group saved the building from demolition and raised funds for its restoration. When it reopens as the State Theatre in 2013, it will serve as an education and performing arts center.

As Laetitia was leading her tour group to their hotel, a majority of the group wanted to browse in some of the downtown shops. A conversation in a clothing store between two high school girls about an acquaintance named Susan Knepper and some of their materialistic male classmates was the source of Laetitia’s limerick of the day.

The teen boys all shunned Susan Knepper
And treated her just like a leper
‘Til they learned she’d a car
And her dad owned a bar
Now she’s the teen queen of Culpeper.