Day 522: Bland Plan

Laetitia began the day by going to Kitty Hawk, the barrier island where the Wright brothers made their pioneering flight. Then they visited Nags Head and Cape Hatteras National Seashore before driving along the south side of Albemarle Sound on the way to Richmond, Virginia.

They stopped for lunch at a small café in Ford, Virginia. Laetitia’s booth was close enough to the soda fountain to overhear the conversation of two teenage girls who were perched on stools there. What emerged from the conversation was that both girls found life in Ford rather boring. One of them, Susan, was dramatically bemoaning the news she had just received that her parents were moving to Bland, Virginia. If there was any place on earth more boring than Ford, Bland must be it, she concluded. Of course, she hadn’t been there yet, but its name was certainly suggestive. Laetitia didn’t need to wait until happy hour today. She already had a limerick.

Young Susan was constantly bored
With life in the village of Ford
But when her folks planned
To move on to Bland
She simply went out of her gourd.