Day 332: Nork Rise

Near Banstead in Surrey is a suburban area called Nork. Close to Nork is a hill named Nork Rise, a place name that found its way into Rude Britain owing to a slang meaning of nork that refers to a prominent feature of the female anatomy. In today’s tour group, Laetitia mostly found individuals who liked to hike, so they went hiking in a number of park lands in the area: Burgh Heath, Ruffet Wood, and Canons Wood. Burgh Heath is partly residential, but the group enjoyed seeing the stately homes there as well. When they arrived at Nork Rise, they were amused by the juxtaposition of the Nork Rise sign and a sign describing the medical specialties of a nearby clinic. They noted in particular the sign the name of Dr. Mize, a plastic surgeon specializing in breast implants. It provided grist for the limerick of the day.

To the townsfolk, it was no surprise
When a young plastic surgeon named Mize
Who performed breast implants
Chose, they thought, not by chance
An office that fronts on Nork Rise