Day 331: Prince Albert Court

As agreed, Gloria from Emporia, Kansas, arrived in Sunbury-on-Thames in Surrey, the locale of Prince Albert Court, and prepared to give a lecture on young Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Laetitia and her group visited Prince Albert Court just before lunch and, after dining, went to a conference room she had reserved. She took notes during Gloria’s lecture, and when it was finished, wrote a multiple-verse limerick summarizing it.

“Did Prince Albert court Queen Victoria
And win in a burst of euphoria
Over swains by the dozen
To wed his young cousin?”
Mused a young Kansas author named Gloria.

“Was she wowed by this dapper young man
Later seen on a tobacco can
And gave him her heart
As her faithful consort
In a match both embraced with élan?”

“Or was theirs a royal wedding arranged
Toward statecraft that may seem deranged
And so often embroils
The hapless young royals
In a match that may soon be estranged?”

Our young Gloria’s book did opine
That their marriage, indeed, was quite fine
And when all’s done and said
They had good times in bed
Producing their progeny nine.

There’s a rumor around of a ring
Albert’s said to have worn through his “thing”
Was the Queen most enthused
Or was she “not amused”
When they were on an amorous fling?

This contrasts with the views of historians
Of the staid prudish bent of Victorians
Who disparaged things nude
Or bawdy or rude
In tones that were sometimes stentorian.

And would have viewed such as immoral
If ‘twas worn around Castle Balmoral
And the mark of a rogue
Though such things are in vogue
In today’s world without too much quarrel.

‘Twas not within Gloria’s capacity
To establish this rumor’s veracity
For the folks who would know
Are all dead long ago
And can’t speak on the consort’s audacity.