Day 330: Fays Passage

Laetitia’s agreement with Mind’s Eye Limerick Tours allowed her to take a day off every thirty days or so. This was thirty days since her last day off, so she went to the Emerald Victorian with the intention of not doing a tour today. In the library, with a steaming cup of freshly brewed Sulawesi dark roast in hand, she paged through Rude UK and found two additional place names in Surrey that she thought might make good limericks. The names were Fay’s Passage and Prince Albert Court. Fay’s Passage is in Guildford. She decided that she wouldn’t actually lead a tour there, but would use Fay’s Passage in a limerick to post for today.

When she ran across Prince Albert Court in Rude Britain, she wondered, “What could possibly be rude about Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s consort?” Through the wonders of the Internet, she discovered what it was. She remembered meeting Gloria back in Emporia, Kansas (Day 246), who was writing a book on young Queen Victoria. Laetitia thought it would be helpful to have her on tomorrow’s tour of Prince Albert Court. They communicated by email, and Gloria agreed to join the group tomorrow and give a lecture on the subject. Laetitia posted the Fays Passage limerick.

After searching in very dim light
Brett entered Fays Passage one night
And he drew a large crowd
When he shouted out loud
“This fine place is such a delight.”