Day 328: Walking Bottom

Peaslake is in Surrey, a picturesque village of 1,500 or so that is surrounded by forests and chalk hills. It is a very popular area for bicyclists, and among the array of usual village businesses is a bike shop. Laetitia and her group rented bicycles and did a tour around the countryside before returning to the village in the afternoon. Her real reason for choosing Peaslake was that she had found a street there in Rude UK named Walking Bottom. By this time, the people who joined Laetitia’s tours were used to the unusual, so they all went along without complaint when she told them they were going next to Walking Bottom. As they walked down that street, a woman in the group named Arlette mused about what a walking bottom would look like, and she shared her vision with the group. Laetitia turned her vision into the limerick of the day.

When about Walking Bottom, she heard
Arlette had a vision absurd:
A rear like an orzo
Without head or torso
With thin sticks for legs like a bird.