Day 327: Dickerage Road

At the Emerald Victorian Laetitia searched the internet for pictures of Pratts who live in Pratt’s Bottom and found several. They looked perfectly normal. She concluded that Ms. Pratt from yesterday’s trip had an overactive imagination.

In Kingston-on-Thames, in Surrey, Laetitia and her group went on an excursion boat trip that lasted several hours. Returning to Kingston-on-Thames in the afternoon, they did a walkabout on Dickerage Road, a street distinguished by its inclusion in Rude UK. When they came to the end of their walkabout, a member of Laetitia’s group asked, “Did I miss it? Where was the dickerage?” Her questions inspired the limerick of the day.

If a parson lives in a parsonage
And a vicar’s home’s called a vicarage
Those folks whose abode
Is on Dickerage Road
May wonder who lives in a dickerage.