Day 325: Badgers Mount

Badgers Mount is a community in Kent that was one of 100 places chosen by Bailey and Hurst for inclusion in Rude UK. The origin of the name is obscure. Presumably, someone once saw more than one badger on a hill in the area at some time in the past. Laetitia and her group went hiking on a hill in the area that might or might not have been the original Badgers Mount. On the trail, they met a group of female hikers wearing t-shirts that had “BADGERS MOUNT WOMENS’ HIKING CLUB” emblazoned on the front. They stopped to talk before heading on down the trail. A man in Laetitia’s group asked a member of the hiking club if they’d seen any badgers. A woman named Mary answered, “No, we always look, but we’ve never seen any.” It spawned the limerick of the day.

For more times than Mary could count
She’d gone out to see Badgers Mount
But no badgers were found
Where she thought they’d abound
Not even a tiny amount.