Day 324: Thong Throng

Thong is a hamlet in Kent, a bit south of Gravesend on the Thames, that was chosen as a destination only because of its inclusion in Rude World. Laetitia took her group to Gravesend first. They did a walkabout in this historic community that dates back at least to the eleventh century. Kent is perhaps best known for the White Cliffs of Dover, famous in song and because the narrowest crossing point of the English Channel is from Dover to Calais in northern France. Laetitia thought about taking the train through the Channel Tunnel to France and back, but the schedules wouldn’t work, so they went to Thong. The word “thong” has a number of meanings, but today, most people think of a skimpy piece of underwear or swimwear that exposes the buttocks, leading some to refer to such attire as “butt-floss.” A bartender’s story at the pub that evening about a local exhibitionist named Michelle led to the day’s limerick.

On a stroll in her hometown of Thong
Michelle thought there was nothing wrong
With wearing just that
Plus her shoes and her hat
As she waved at her large ogling throng.