Day 323: Upper Dicker

Each year in July the Village Hall of Upper Dicker in East Sussex is the scene of The Travelling Folk Song and Ale. It is a festival of instrumental and vocal music, good company, and of course consumption of ale or other alcoholic spirits. Many of the attendees tent-camp in a nearby campground. The festival is very popular, and tickets sell out quickly. Laetitia brought her group there. The music on the program was a kind she liked, but her real reason for bringing her group here was that Upper Dicker is in Rude Britain.

By evening, everyone in her group had consumed quite a lot of ale, and the conversation turned from music to the village name. Someone said, “That there is an Upper Dicker implies that there must also be a Lower Dicker.”

“There is,” said Laetitia. “It’s not far from here.” Laetitia knew, because it’s listed in Rude UK. What followed was a lot of giggling talk that an eavesdropping listener who didn’t know the context might have concluded was about food, since “sandwich’ occurred several times in the conversation. As the party wore on, the conversation became ruder and ruder and provided the limerick of the day.

Whenever they’ve had too much liquor
Some folks may have rude thoughts and snicker
About strumpets blue
In between lovers two
When it’s party time in Upper Dicker.