Day 322: Filching

Not far from Lewes is a hamlet also in East Sussex called Filching. It is a small community with a tea garden, chalk quarry, a few homes, and a large fifteenth-century country house called Filching Manor. Filching has the distinction of being listed in Rude UK, indicating that the name has one or more rude meanings.

Laetitia and her group visited the Filching Manor Motor Museum, which houses the Bluebird boat that Sir Malcolm Campbell drove to take the world water speed record. A K3 Rolls Royce engine powers the Bluebird speedboat. The museum also has a Bluebird electric vehicle on display. They went from the museum to the Red Lion Inn in nearby Willingdon, which is the setting for George Orwell’s Animal Farm. They had dinner there, and Laetitia presented the two-verse limerick of the day.

‘Tis said in the dark Middle Ages
That filching was fair but not wages
For soldiers on duty
Who got paid in booty
And could commit other outrages.

But today Filching is a quaint village
Where errant knights no longer pillage
So do folks there still filch
Or is filching there zilch
With the village in a pillage-nil age?