Day 320: Cocking

Laetitia and her group visited Portsmouth before moving on to West Sussex. The city is on an island and has been an important port and naval base for several centuries. Nelson’s flagship from Trafalgar, H.M.S. Victory, is located there and was one of the sites Laetitia visited with her group. Cocking is a West Sussex village of about 450 inhabitants. It is a historic community with a twelfth-century church. During the walkabout with her group, Laetitia had a conversation with a Mrs. Parker, who was visiting her son, Algernon. Algernon had recently left the nest, and Mrs. Parker seemed to automatically disapprove of all the choices he made as an independent young adult.

When Algernon said he chose Cocking
His mother thought it quite shocking
She would have preferred
That he’d bought a bird
Or taken up cricket or rocking.