Day 319: Husseys Lane

Laetitia’s destination today was Husseys Lane, a street in Lower Froyle, Hampshire. It is number 65 in Rude UK. Before going there, they hiked part of the Pilgrim’s Way. This well-worn path was so named because of it was the route pilgrims took from Winchester in Hampshire to Canterbury in Kent to visit the shrine of Thomas Becket after he was canonized in 1173. The route is much older than that. Archaeological evidence suggests that the path existed as far back as 500 BC and may have been a route to Avebury henge or Stonehenge.

In Old English, hussey referred to the woman of the house. The meaning of the word has evolved considerably since then and now often means a brazen or immoral woman. Laetitia wondered whether the modern meaning of the word was what attracted the large number of young single males that joined this day’s tour. If they hoped to find hussies on the street they were disappointed. It is an attractive, tree-lined residential street and not the type where hussies are likely to hang out. It mattered not to Laetitia. She had the limerick of the day.

It soon was abundantly plain
Lewd women don’t trod Husseys Lane
Though the men were not fussy
As they searched for a hussy
Their search was completely in vain.