Day 317: Shaggs Meadow

Still in Hampshire, Laetitia brought her group to Lyndhurst, a town not far from Southampton. They spent most of the day hiking in New Forest National Park. Bailey and Hurst included a street in Lyndhurst called Shaggs Meadow in Rude UK, so Laetitia and her group went there before retiring to their bed and breakfast for the evening. As they walked down the street, Laetitia had a conversation with a local woman named Meadow who lived there with her husband, John. Meadow’s complaint was the source of the day’s limerick.

Meadow blushed when she heard her man’s name
For John’s middle and surnames were same
As their street and townsfolk
Would shout, as a joke,
“John Shaggs Meadow,” which brought her great shame.