Day 316: Tosson Close

Laetitia met her group in Hampshire in the City of Southampton. There are many reasons why one might lead a tour there. It was, after all, the port from whence the Titanic set forth on its fateful maiden voyage on April 14, 1912. Indeed, most of those who joined Laetitia’s tour did so because of their interest in the Titanic, so Laetitia made arrangements with a local Blue Badge Guide to conduct a show and tell of Southampton’s Titanic-related sites and paraphernalia.

Laetitia’s real reason for going to Southampton, however, was its street called Tosson Close, which happens to be listed in Rude UK. She thought it might make a good limerick, since there are a number of slang meanings associated with tossing. These include what happens when people drink too much, or have stomach flu, or eat tainted food. There is also a meaning for “tossing salad” that is more likely to occur in the bedroom than the kitchen.

When they arrived on Tosson Close, Melvyn, one of her group, engaged a local resident in a rather graphic conversation about the street name, and it spawned the limerick of the day.

When Melvyn walked down Tosson Close
He talked about subjects morose
Like the virtue of flossing
When one’s finished tossing
And some topics even more gross.